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basic philosophy 1. Thinking Methods
The Types

Thinking methods can roughly be classified into four types. They are two-dimensional thinking, three-dimensional-thinking, symmetrical thinking, and triplet thinking. First of all, I will explain the outline of these four types of thinking methods. From the following page, I will explain in detail each of them.

Two and Three-Dimensional Thinking
Two and three-dimensional thinking are thinking methods that enable us to grasp respectively a thing two and three dimensionally. Whereas two-dimensional thinking enables us only to observe the sides of a thing, three-dimensional one enables us to observe the whole figure of a thing. That is, we need to observe a thing by understanding the difference between two and three-dimensional thinking.

(Imagine, for instance, a trigonal pyramid. When we see the trigonal pyramid by using two-dimensional thinking, we can only see the side views. In contrast, when we see it by using three-dimensional thinking, we can see the whole view.)

Symmetrical Thinking
Symmetrical thinking is a thinking method that enables us to analyze a thing symmetrically. All the things in nature depend upon the symmetrical balance between time and space; thus, in nature, a thing tends not only to make a pair with an another thing, but also to consist of two components. For example, by using symmetrical thinking, we can find out that various things have structure consisting of two different elements. Because of these reasons, this thinking method is indeed useful to analyze a thing theoretically.

(Symmetrical thinking enables us to analyze a thing as follows. A thing always pairs with an another thing; it consists of two elements.)

Triplet Thinking
Triplet thinking is a thinking method that enables us to grasp a thing having triplet structure. In nature, various things have triplet structure as well as symmetric structure. Thus, triplet thinking is also indeed useful for us to analyze a thing theoretically.

(Triplet thinking is also useful to analyze a thing theoretically. Many things in nature have triplet structure. Thus, using triplet thinking enables us to find out that many things in nature are created as triplet structure. )

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