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This section explains the outline of my medical theory, and which will allow you to grasp the whole and rough image of my medical theory.

I. Human Body
In general, the majority of medical researchers regard a human body as a machine usually when they examine obscure phenomena seen in a human body. However, they should notice that a human body quite differs in system from a machine. Check firstly this difference before analyzing disease!

II. Disease
What is disease? My cancer theory has started from this question. Although modern medical science appears to explain anymore the detailed mechanisms about diseases, it does not yet answer the important question: "What is disease?". Thus, let us consider this question to understand the necessary condition of disease.

III. Inflammation
Cancer is closely related to inflammation, because it occurs on the basis of inflammation. This reveals that it is important for us to check inflammation before analyzing carcinogenesis. For this purpose, let us grasp the rough theoretical image of inflammation by using logical conceptions.

IV. Degeneration
Modern medical science explains that all diseases can be classified into three pathological changes: inflammation, degeneration, and tumorigenesis. Thus, if we hope to find out clearly the fundamental cause of cancer, we should also check degeneration as well as inflammation. Understanding the rough image of degeneration will allow us to understand carcinogenesis more clearly.

V. Tumorigenesis
By using the theoretical indications obtained in the previous sections, let us analyze theoretically how a tissue causes a tumor. Although modern medical researchers appear to consider that tumorigenesis is caused by the transformation of an original gene into an oncogene, it should pay attention to a force converting an original gene into an oncogene. My medical theory pays attention to two points: such a force and to macroscopic structure in a tissue, and then explains theoretically how a tissue causes a tumor.

VI. Carcinogenesis
Now, let us check carcinogenesis theoretically also by using the theoretical indications obtained in all the previous sections. To check it, we will pay attention to the difference in mechanism between a benign and a malignant tumor, and explain carcinogenesis theoretically. Probably, after you read this section, you will feel that carcinogenesis is not only a specific disease but also one of the diseases that always occur in a human body.

VII. Death
How does a human body die? A human body is a relative system consisting of organs, each of which balances itself with other organs. This balance works as the stability of a human body, and which allows a human body to maintain the life. Furthermore, my cancer theory concludes that secondary-largest units in a human body play a major role in controlling the stability of a human body. These two points must be closely related to death of a human body. You should notice that in a human body, not the microscopic but the macroscopic mechanisms play a major role in causing the death as well as in maintaining the health.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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