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1. Two Types of Field Sets
A human body maintains the life on the basis of the stability, which originates in the stability of field sets. Roughly speaking, field sets in a human body can be classified into two types: symmetric fields and triplet fields. These two field sets have strong stability, so that they play an important role not only in maintaining the health of a human body but also in causing disease.

2. Symmetric Field
A symmetric field is made of two elements: a positive and a negative element. This structure can be seen in various things in nature. For example, an atom consists of an atomic nucleus and electrons, which are a positive element and negative elements respectively. Thus, an atom can be regarded as a symmetric field. The cosmos is made of time and space, and which are symmetrically related to each other. Thus, the cosmos can also be regarded as a symmetric field.

Symmetric Fields In Naure

(a) Stability of A Symmetric Field
A symmetric field has strong stability, which depends upon the balance between the positive and the negative element. In a symmetric field, the positive element always balances itself with the negative element. This balance works as strong stability, on the basis of which a symmetric field maintains its structure. Undoubtedly, this must be the reason why various things in nature are created as symmetric fields.

(b) A Human Body and Symmetric Field
Also a human body maintains its structure by using symmetric fields; that is, it obtains the stability due to the balance between the positive and the negative elements. For example, a cell consists of a cell nucleus and a cell body; a human body can be divided into the internal and the external organs. That is, a human body is created as a nest of symmetric fields. These facts prove clearly that a human body obtains strong stability due to the symmetric balance.

Symmetric Fields in A Human Body

(c) Disease and The Imbalance in Symmetric Fields
These indications lead us to suggest that a human body causes disease on the basis of the imbalance of symmetric fields. Specifically, when a human body loses the symmetric balance, it will decrease the stability. If the human body loses the stability completely, it will die. So, the human body will aggressively cause disease to regain the good balance. In short, it is suggested that symmetric fields in a human body play a major role not only in maintaining the health but also in causing disease.
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