My medical theory I explain on this website can roughly be divided into five categories, which are Basic Philosophy, Necessity of Medical Theory, Outline, Details, and Basics.

basic philosophy • Philosophy:
Modern Medical Science and The Basic Philosophy

This section explains the importance of the basic philosophy even in medical science. Although medical researchers appear not to take notice of the basic philosophy of medical science, they should notice the importance before analyzing disease. This is because the basic philosophy of medical science controls whether medical researchers can find out the fundamental cause of cancer. You should also consider again whether modern medical science has a right philosophy or not.

• Necessity of Medical Theory:
Modern Medical Science and Medical Theory

This section explains why medical theory is so important for medical science. Although modern medical science does not yet weigh heavily in theoretical study, it should recognize the importance of theoretical study. I confirm that reading this section will allow you to notice how theoretical study can play an important role also in medical science.

logo of outline • Outline:
Outline of My Medical Theory

Medical Theories About
Major Pathological Changes

This section explains the outline of my medical theory, and will allow you to grasp easily the whole and rough image of my medical theory. I hope you read this section in order to know my thought before your reading the detailed explanation of my stomach cancer theory. Probably, after you read this section, you will notice that not microscopic but macroscopic mechanisms in a human body play a major role in disease.

gastric cancer • Details:
Details of Gastric Cancer Theory

"Gastric Cancer Analyzed by
Theoretical Physics"

This section contains all the contents in my summary: "Gastric Cancer Analyzed by Theoretical Physics." I wrote this summary for medical researchers to easily understand the theoretical image of cancer. My book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis" consists of over 250 pages, and it will be unable to allow medical researchers to easily grasp new images about cancer. So, I wrote this summary which consists of 23 pages, and in addition sent it to about several-hundreds scientists in the world. Undoubtedly, almost all visitors will be able to grasp easily the new image of cancer.

logo of basics • Basics:
Basic Theories Supporting My Cancer Theory

Basic Medical Theories

This section explains the basic theories, on the basis of which my cancer theory has been made. On the process I formed cancer theory, I made several basic theories that can explain various diseases including cancer. Although my book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis" and my summary: "Gastric Cancer Analyzed by Theoretical Physics" does not contain this chapter, these basic theories must be useful for visitors to do wide application in examining many diseases. So, I decided to add this section to this website. If you are interested in theoretical analysis of disease, try to read this chapter. I confirm that these theories have the ability to work as the bedrock of new medical science.


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