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My cancer theory has been made on eight basic theories. I firstly made eight theories that can explaining the basic mechanisms in a human body. Then, by using the eight basic theories, I formed cancer theory. Thus, These basic theories must be very important for you to understand theoretical analysis of disease. I do confirm that these theories will but also allow you to notice the new points of views toward diseases, but also bring new conceptions to modern medical science.

I. Gauge-Field Theory
Gauge-Field Theory explains the relationship between a cell and a tissue. The first step of making theoretical medicine was to define a cell and an organ as theoretical models. A human body appears to function on the basis of very-difficult mechanisms, and to cause disease by the difficult mechanisms. However, you should notice that just such thoughts prevent us from clearly analyzing disease. Thus, we begin by defining a cell and an organ as simple models: a gauge and a field respectively to grasp the whole mechanism in a human body. Then, by using these models, we will also try to understand the meaning of the relationship between a cell and a tissue.

II. Background-Field Theory
Background-Field Theory explains the importance of the relationship between an organ and the background field. Although we tend to pay attention only to an organ that shows strong change, we should pay attention not only the organ but also to the background field. This theory will lead you to notice that an organ always balances itself with the background organs, and that the relationship between an organ and the background organs play a major role in disease. This theory is a very-important one when we analyze disease theoretically. (This theory: "Background-Field Theory is my most favorite one in my medical theories.)

III. Fractal-Field Theory
Fractal-Field Theory explains what structure a human body has. A human body is created as a next of units, and which means fractal structure. This structure plays an important role in causing disease. Thus, when we try to analyze disease theoretically, we need to understand the minimum conception of fractalism that can be observed in a human body. Fractal field theory explains not only the fractal structure in a human body, but also the relationship among different-sized units in a human body. (The differen-sized units indicate cells, cell units, small leaves, large leaves, organs and so on.)

IV. Fractal-Kinetic Theory
Fractal-Kinetic Theory explains how an organ controls the internal movement. Although medical researchers tend to think that an organ always shows linear change, they should notice that an organ always shows stepwise change. An organ is created as a fractal structure, and controls the internal movement by using the fractalism. Fractal kinetic theory will teach you how an organ controls the metabolism, and help you to understand the close relationship between a human body and the fractalism.

V. Field-Sets Theory
Field-Sets Theory explains one of the important mechanisms that control the stability of a human body. Any things in nature maintain their own structures on the basis of their stability. A human body is made of field sets, which can roughly be classified into two kinds: symmetric fields and triplet fields. By these two kinds of field sets, a human body controls the stability. That is, field sets theory is indeed useful for us to explain how a human body obtains the stability and loses it.

VI. Dimensional-Gauge Theory
Dimensional-Gauge Theory explains in detail the difference between a normal and a cancer cell. Whereas a normal cell does not have three-dimensional stability, a cancer cell has three-dimensional stability. This indication can be deduced from the following phenomenon: "Although a normal cell shows anchorage dependence at cell division, a cancer cell does not show it." Dimensional gauge theory, by using this phenomenon, will explain the difference between a normal and a cancer cell.

VII. Distorted-Field Theory
Distorted-Field Theory explains one of the fundamental causes of tumorigenesis: "Tissue Distortion." Although an organ does not clearly show how to distort its structure, it causes different types of distortions according to the structure. This distorted structure plays an important role in causing a tumor. Tissue distortion theory explains in detail how an organ distorts its structure, followed by causing a tumor.

VIII. Energy Gap Neutralization Theory
Energy-Gap Neutralization Theory explains the relationship between "Energy Gap" and disease. A human body maintains the life on the basis of the stability. In addition, a human body with an energy gap decreases the stability. Thus, when a human body causes an energy gap, it needs to neutralize the energy gap. Importantly, disease can theoretically be considered to have the ability to neutralize the energy gap. This reveals that "Energy Gap" plays a major role in causing disease (of course, including cancer). Energy Gap Neutralization theory explains in detail how an organ causes an energy gap, and neutralize it.

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