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Welcome to Stmach.CancerTheory.jp!

Hello! My name is Mikio Sugi, and I am a Japanese physician. I have been opened this website: stomach.cancertheory.jp since 17/November 2006, and which is transmitted from Tokyo Japan. The picture below is me just working in a medical office.

Although I was graduated from a school of medicine and became a medical doctor, I have always wondered if modern medical science can lead us to find out the fundamental cause of disease. Certainly, modern medical science has made a great progress, and has treated many persons with various methods. However, modern medical science cannot still answer even the basic question: "what is disease?". This proves that modern medical science does not yet grasp the true figure of disease.

For more than fifteen years, I have made a great effort to form medical theories that can explain how a human body causes disease. The majority of medical researchers appear to think that a human body is a specific system that is quite different from other systems in nature. Against of this, I think that a human body is also a system that is in common to other systems in nature. This thought led me to notice that disease can be explained by theoretical study such as mathematics, physics, theoretical physics, and so on.

I confirm that my medical theory has the beauty of Katanas: Japanese swords. When I form medical theories, I had always tried to have the spirit of samurai because I want to form medical theories having the beauty of Katanas. Please see the beauty of "Kanata (Click to see three katanas)." Katana was made to minimize waste, so that it is very beautiful. To take this beauty into my medical theory, I had tried to continue having the spirit of samurai whenever I form medical theores. Of course, I have also wanted to be a physician always having the samurai spirit. I believe that medical theories having the samurai spirit will allow any scientists in the world to notice the impotant points of views toward disease.

A work by Shinkai Inoue (1674), Tokyo National Museum

Probably, although the majority of visitors may even wonder if diseases can be explained by theoretical study, I think that modern medical science will, in near future, make a new field: "Theoretical Medicine." Any sciences need both wheels: laboratory study and theoretical study in order to make a great progress. I believe that this website, cancertheory.jp, will help modern medical science to open the door toward new medical science. Please cooperate with me in making "Theoretical Medicine." Thank you!

My Hobby: Night Photography
Please see my photos if you like. I have sometimes uploaded my favarite pictures on flickr. The picture above is a night view of "Tokyo Tower," which is one of the symbols of Tokyo.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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