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basic philosophy 1. Queen Nefertiti
Unification of Medical Science

NefertitiNefertiti is a queen who lived in ancient Egypt (BC1500), and helped Egyptian people in this era to obtain the peace of the rural life. Importantly, her thought not only helped the Egyptian people but also is important for medical science to make a great progress.

Before Nefertiti became a queen, Egyptian people were distressed by the government. Egyptian sociality was formed on polytheism, and the government employed many priests who had the faith in various deities. The priests sized power, and distressed the Egyptian people. However, Queen Nefertiti denied polytheism, and supported monotheism by regarding the sun as only a god. Then she eliminated the priests, and succeeded in bringing the peace of rural life to the Egyptian people.

Her thought is also important for medical science to make a great progress. Modern medical science has divided itself into many fields in order to accurately analyze obscure phenomena in a human body. However, this division prevents medical researchers from finding out the fundamental cause of disease. Notice that modern medical science resembles Egyptian sociality before Nefertiti became a queen. Although a human body is a system consisting of organs and works as an independent system, modern medical science does not have a concept of regarding a human body as a system. Thus, unless modern medical science obtains such a concept as if Nefertiti regarded the sun as only a god, it will be unable to make a great progress.

I think that if Nefertiti lives now, she must also wish medical researchers to notice the importance of unifying fields in modern medical science. As if Nefertiti regarded the sun as only a god, we medical researchers should also regard a human body as a system and unify fields in medical science to make new medical science. Undoubtedly, such new medical science will bring us new solutions to any diseases.

Unification of Medical Science
(After medical science divides itself into many fields, it needs to unify the fields to make a great progress. Medical science will be unable to make a great progress without unifying the fields again.)

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