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"Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis" is the title of my book explaining theoretically how a tissue or an organ causes cancer. Although I began forming medical theory that can analyze general disease theoretically, I also wanted to challenge to explain carcinogenesis by logical conceptions. This is just the reason why I started writing my book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis."

Modern medical science must need cancer theory to explain various carcinogeneses. The majority of medical researchers think that an oncogene is the fundamental cause of carcinogenesis; however, they also wonder if it is correct or not. Thus, modern medical science should begin by deducing the fundamental cause of carcinogenesis by logical conceptions. I confirm that my book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis" plays a role in teaching medical researchers why a tissue causes cancer, what cancer is, and where the important points of cancer are.

( This book explains theoretically how a tissue or an organ causes cancer, and it consists of about two-hundreds fifty pages. The following three pages are the preface of this book.)

Before writing the summary: "Stomach Cancers Analyzed by Theoretical Physics," I had a thought of sending this book to medical researchers in the world. However, I noticed that this book is too hard for medical researchers to read, becaue this book consists of over 250 pages. So, I also made a brief summary medical researchers can read within about ten minutes, and sent it to about five-hundred medical researchers in the world. (This summary is "Stomach Cancer Analyzed by Theoretical Physics.")

However, the summary explains only stomach cancers but other carcinogeneses. So, if you hope to read cancer theory that can explain various carcinogeneses, please wait for several months until reading it. I am now making an another website that contains all the contents of my book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis." Because this book consists of about 250 pages, making the web site is indeed very hard work for me, and prevents me from easily making the website. Please wait for several months to read the book.
Thank you.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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