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A human body is created as a fractal structure. Specifically, a human body consists of organs; an organ consists of large leaves; a large leaf consists of small leaves; a small leaf consists of cell units; a cell unit consists of cells. This structure consists of different-sized units having "self-resemblance," so that it can indicate that a human body is created as a fractal structure.

1. Representative Fractal Structures in Nature
First of all, let us pay attention to three representative fractal structures in nature: a tree, a river, and a coast line. A fractal structure has self-resemblance. As shown in the figure below, each of the three things consists of different-sized elements having self-resemblance, so that it can be regarded as fractal structures. Specifically, branching of a tree shows self-resemblance; traveling of a river also shows self-resemblance; a coast line shows self-resemblance. Thus, a river, a tree, and a coast line can each be considered a fractal structure.

(A river, a tree, and a coast line are representative fractal structure in nature.)

(a) Two and Three-Dimensional Fractal Structure
Fractal structures in nature can be classified into two types, which are two and three-dimensional fractal structure. In the examples above, a river and a coast line belong to two-dimensional fractal structure; on the other hand, a tree belongs to three-dimensional fractal structure. This classification is important for us to analyze what fractal structure a human body has.

(b) Fractal Structure Seen in A Tissue
Paying attention to a tissue enables us to find out easily that it is created as three-dimensional fractal structure. A tissue is created as a three-dimensional fractal structure, and can be divided into two types of fractal structures: vertical and horizontal-fractal structure. In a tissue, the blood vessels form vertical fractal structure; on the other hand, the cells form horizontal fractal structure. The figure below shows these special characteristics of a tissue.

Fractalism in a tissue
(A tissue is made from two kinds of fractal structures, and which are vertical and horizontal-fractal structure. Vessels form vertical-fractal structure; cells form horizontal-one.)

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