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1. Admin of CancerTheory.jp
My name is Mikio Sugi, and I am a Japanese physician. Although I am not a medical researcher, I have made a great effort of forming a medical theory since 1989. I confirm that my medical theory leads modern medical science to make a great progress.
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Always when I am working as a physician, I have several questions. "Can I treat a person suffering from disease without knowing the fundamental cause of disease? What is disease? Why can other physicians treat patients without wondering such points?" These questions have always suffered me, and made me continue analyzing disease theoretically. Of course, because I am a physician, I must, while treating persons suffering from diseases, have continued analyzing disease theoretically.

And now, I finished publishing my cancer theory, and sent the summary to several-hundreds medical researchers in the world. Simultaneously, I have opened this website in order to spread my cancer theory over the world. Although the majority of researchers tend to focus on examining microscopic mechanisms in a human body, my medical theory explains that macroscopic mechanisms in a human body play a major role in diseases including cancer. I wish various fields of scientists to know, from this website, new viewpoints toward disease including cancer.
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If you hope to know my details, please read the following page: the author of CancerTheory.jp. This page will allow you to know in detail the reason why I have made a great effort of forming medical theory including cancer theory.

2. My Books
Although I firstly wrote a book explaining cancer theory: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis" and thought to send it to medical researchers in the world, I wonder if they can read the book. This is because this book consists of over 250 pages. So, I wrote a brief summary explaining my cancer theory for any scientists to easily read my medical theory. After that I sent it to about several hundreds scientists in the world. Just the title of this summary is "Gastric Cancers Analyzed By Theoretical Physics." You can, of course, read the all contents on this website. Please read this summary to know my cancer theory.

• When you also hope to print this summary, please make a donation to download the PDF file. (This PDF file is a donation ware. After you finish making a donation, you will be able to download this file.) Your donation must be very helpful for me to continue forming medical theory. Please think of making a donation! The donation page is here.

3. Purpose of CancerTheory.jp
This website has been intended to open for various kinds of scientists who make a great effort of finding out new solution to cancer. In general, the majority of medical researchers weigh heavily only in laboratory study and leave out theoretical study. However, they have to notice the importance of theoretical study in order to find out the fundamental cause of cancer. This is just the reason why I have opened this website. This site explains various useful theoretical conceptions about disease. I confirm that the various conceptions will not only lead but also help you to grasp the new image of cancer.

4. Goal of CancerTheory.jp
The goal of CancerThoery.jp is to make a new field in medical science: "Theoretical Medicine." Usually before a medical researcher starts his research, he makes a hypothesis which means a theory. This theory is very small in general, and cannot explain other researches. Thus, if medical researchers want to find out various obscure phenomena about disease, they need a large hypothesis in order to grasp the whole mechanism in a human body. However, whereas a large hypothesis has such an advantage, forming a large hypothesis usually takes us very long time. Thus, medical science must need a new field, the purpose of which is to form a large medical theory. The new field is, of course, "Theoretical Medicine." The goal of this website: CancerTheory.jp is just in this point.

5. About The Hospital I Am Working Now

(This is a picture of the hospital I am working now.)

I have always been thinking and forming medical theory in the medical office in this hospital. The president of this hospital has given me a lot of free time, and which have enabled me to study medical science for myself. To tell the truth, I got the job at this hospital in order to form medical theories. I thank him very much.

I am now planning to set up a medical practice, because I achieved one of my aims; that is, I have already opened this website to explain my medical theories. I hope to gradually increase the number of scientists who value theoretical study in medical science.

6. When you hope to send a letter to me, . .
please send it to my mail box, the address of which is written below. The hospital I am working now is a pure-clinical one not having a laboratory, and I am very afraid that a lot of letters and strangers cause inconvenient to the staff in the hospital. So, I decided not to open the name, the address of this hospital to the public. Please send your letter to my mail box when you want to send it to me. I will always be very glad to accept your letter.

Mailing Address (My Mail Box):

Mikio Sugi M.D.

Sugi Internal Clinic
1-5-9 Kamezawa Sumida
Tokyo 130-0014 Japan

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杉 幹雄

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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