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Please consider to make a donation in order to continue reading medical theories on this website.

Your donation will enable me to continue forming medical theory for myself, so please consider to make a donation.

Until now, forming my medical theory not only took more than fifteen years, but also costed over 100,000 dollars. I paid all the cost by myself, because my research was an individual one. I am not a pure medical researcher, and I must, while working as a physician, continue forming medical theory by using a part of its income to my research. Specifically, the cost per a year was about $10,000; thus, the total cost ran up to over 100,000 dollars.

In the recent years, I have felt not to continue forming medical theory any longer. Certainly, until now, I had formed cancer theory by using a part of my income. However, my income does not increase, and I cannot any more shoulder the cost of my research from my income. This means that I can hardly continue forming medical theory anymore.

However, your donation must be one of the ways for me to continue forming medical theory. When you feel that my medical theory is indeed useful for your research, please consider to make a donation. If a medical-research company employs me to know the details about my medical theories, my income may increase and enable me to form medical theories. However, the company may require me to close this site. So, if you hope to continue reading my medical theory on this website, please consider to make a donation. Your donation must be indeed helpful for me to continue forming next medical theories without any controls.

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Important: Read this before making a donation!
After you made a donation, if you cannot go to a secret page on this website, please click the link: "Return to Merchant" on the finished page which appears after your making a donation. Then you will be able to go to the secret page.

This secret page allows you to read and to download the PDF file of "Gastric Cancer Analyzed By Theoretical Physics." This PDF file enables you to print the summary: "Gastric Cancer Analyzed By Theoretical Physics." When you hope to print the summary, please make a donation to get the PDF file. Besides, I may firstly announce the next medical theories on this page, the address of which you will be able to know after making a donation.

If you cannot succeed in going to the secret page, please send a mail to me. The mail address is as follows:
Only when I can ascertain your donation, I will send the address of the secret page to you. If I cannot find a record of your donation, I will not reply to your mail.

Mikio Sugi M.D.

How do I use your donations?

• At least $15,000-20,000 a year will be necessary for me to continue forming medical theories.
• About $200,000-300,000 a year will be necessary for me to form medical theories without working as a physician.
• About over $1,000,000 may be necessary for me to build a fund of establishing an international association of "Theoretical Medicine."

After checking the sum of donations, I will sometimes consider what to do next. "Should I work as a medical theorist, or continue forming medical theories with working as a physician?" On this page, I will report what road I will choose in the next step.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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