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1. A Theoretical Model of Cancer
2. A Theoretical Model of A Cancer Cell
3. Necessary Condition of Cancer


Index of Philosophy
I. Basic Philosophy

1. Index
2. Medical Science and The Basic Philosophy
3. Necessary Condition of Disease
4. New Philosophy

II. Thinking Methods

1. The Types
2. Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Thinking
3. Symmetrical Thinking 1/3
3. Symmetrical Thinking 2/3
3. Symmetrical Thinking 3/3
4. Triplet Thinking 1/2
4. Triplet Thinking 2/2

III. View Points

1. Micro and Macroscopic Mechanisms
2. Contradiction in Gene Research
3. Modern Medical Science and Conservative Treatment
4. Immunity and Disease
5. A Gene and A Human Body
6. Relationship among Organs
7. Medicines and The Side Effects

IV. People

1. Queen Nefertiti
2a. Albert Einstein
2b. Albert Einstein
3. Rene Thom
4. Musashi Miyamoto
5. Daruma
6. John Lennon

Necessity of Medical Theory

1. Necessity of Medical Theory
2. Special Characteristics of Laboratory Study

(a) Inaccuracy of Laboratory Study
(b) Advantages and Disadvantages of Laboratory Study

3. Special Characteristics of Theoretical Study

(a) Inaccuracy of Theoretical Study
(b) Theoretical Study and Medical Science

4. Importance of Theoretical Medicine

(a) Necessary of A Large Hypothesis
(b) A Large Hypothesis and A Map

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