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This chapter consists of four sections, which are "Basic Philosophy," "Thinking Methods." "View Points," and "People." Each of these four sections will indeed help you notice the important points of views toward new medical science. Try to read them before checking my medical theories!

I. Basic Philosophy
First of all, let us check the basic philosophy of modern medical science. Medical science cannot continue making a progress without right basic philosophy. Thus, by checking the basic philosophy of modern medical science, consider whether medical science can continue making a great progress even in the future.

II. Thinking Methods
Next, let us check thinking methods we can use to analyze disease. Thinking methods can roughly be classified into four types. Understanding these four types of thinking methods will indeed enable us to check effectively how a human body causes disease.

III. View Points
Thirdly, I pick up seven new points of views toward disease, and which are important for medical researchers to grasp the new figures of disease. Although modern medical science appears to have no mistake, I think that modern medical science has wrong thoughts which prevent us from finding out why a human body causes disease. Reading these view points will help you notice what mistake modern medical science has made.

IV. People
Lastly, I pick up five persons I respect. Their thoughts have always encouraged me in forming medical theory. Although most of their thoughts are not directly related to medical science, their thoughts will teach us why philosophy is important for medical science. Thus, by checking their thoughts, let us consider why philosophy is so important for making new medical science.

(Check the importance of medical science through four sections.)

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* Theoretical Medicine *
* Philosophy
Basic Philosophy
Thinking Methods
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Necessity of
Medical Theory
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* Outline
Human Body
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* Details: Gastric Ca
Important Points
Gastric Cancers
1. Ad-ca
2. Signet Ring Cell Ad-ca
3. Leiomyosarcoma
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* Basics
BackGround Field
Fractal Field
Fractal Kinetics
Field Sets
Dimensional Gauge
Distorted Field
EG Neutralization
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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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