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logo of cancer V. Conclusion

Theoretical analyses of gastric cancers lead us to conclude that a tissue causes cancer through three steps. At the first step, a tissue causes initial distortion. At the next step, the tissue stepwise amplifies the initial distortion by changing the momentum. This amplified initial distortion is secondary distortion. At the last step, the tissue cannot bear the tensile strength of the secondary distortion, followed by disconnecting the connection in energy flow between cells. Then the tissue causes an invisible hole, where it causes third distortion which has the ability to cause a tumor. This tumor is controlled by the depth of the third distortion, and divided between a benign and a malignant tumor. Shallow third distortion causes a benign tumor; deep third distortion causes a malignant tumor. Importantly, in this process, third distortion has a force controlling the transformation of a normal gene into an oncogene.

This carcinogenic process, of course, can be applied to any carcinogeneses caused in a human body. Organs in a human body can roughly be classified into two kinds: hollow and solid organs. Of these two kinds of organs, hollow organs must cause cancer through the same process as the stomach causes cancer. On the other hand, although solid organs cause initial distortions that are different from that at gastric cancer, they can theoretically be considered to cause cancer also through the three steps: outbreak of initial distortion, of secondary distortion, and of third distortion. That is, these three types of tissue distortions always play a major role in causing tumorigenesis.

Fig33. Three steps of carcinogenesis

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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