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1. The Basic Conception

My cancer theory has been formed on "Distorted-Field Theory." Modern medical science does not have a concept of "distorted field," and in addition does not yet have any devices that enable us to check how a tissue distorts its structure. However, a tumor including cancer can theoretically be considered to occur on the basis of tissular distortion. To explain this phenomenon theoretically, I formed "Distorted-Field Theory." Thus, "Distorted-Field Theory" is one of the important theories that supporting my cancer theory.

Now, pay attention to the mouse skin injected with distilled water in order to ascertain the fact: tissue distortion is directly related to tumorigenesis. When we inject distilled water into mouse skin, we can induce the relative difference in osmotic pressure in the mouse skin. Every time we inject distilled water into the mouse skin, we can strengthen the relative difference in osmotic pressure; then, we succeed in inducing a tumor. Importantly, this relative difference in osmotic pressure works as tissue distortion; thus, tissue distortion can be considered to play a major role in causing a tumor. In short, a tissue needs to distort its structure when it causes a tumor including cancer.

Tissue distortion caused by distilled walter

As illustrated in the figure above, every time mouse skin is injected with distilled water, it not only causes the relative difference in osmotic pressure but also strengthens it. Just this relative difference in osmotic pressure works as tissue distortion in the mouse skin, and which will finally cause a tumor. This experimental result teaches us clearly that tissue distortion plays an important role in tumorigenesis including carcinogenesis.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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