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logo of cancer IV-(a). Theoretical Analysis of Adenocarcinoma Arising from The Mucosal Epithelium
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First of all, let us analyze theoretically how the stomach with atrophic gastritis causes adenocarcinoma in the mucosal epithelium. This process can be divided into three steps. At the first step, the stomach causes primary tissue distortion in between the mucosal epithelium and the lamina propria mucosae. At the next step, the stomach amplifies the tissue distortion by decreasing the momentum. At the last step, when the stomach cannot bear the tensile strength of the amplified tissue distortion, it causes a tumor at the peak of the amplified tissue distortion. This tumor indicates adenocarcinoma.

(1) Outbreak of Tissue Distortion
(Outbreak of Initial Distortion)

The stomach causes primary tissue distortion when only the mucosal epithelium loses the normal metabolic activity. The stomach is created as a duct, the wall of which consists of several layers. In addition, the mucosal epithelium always directly touches stomach juice, and easily decreases the normal metabolic activity. Thus, the mucosal epithelium easily causes the imbalance in metabolic activity with other layers. This imbalance in metabolic activity works as primary tissue distortion. I call this tissue distortion “Initial Distortion.”

Fig15. Outbreak of Initial Distortion

Tissue distortions can be classified into three types, which are "Initial Distortion," "Secondary Distortion," and "Third Distortion." Of these three types of tissue distortions, initial distortion firstly occurs in a tissue which is in the tumorigenic process. This is the reason why I call the tissue distortion explained in this section "Initial Distortion," and distinguish it from other two distortions.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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