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logo of cancer IV-(a). Theoretical Analysis of Adenocarcinoma Arising from Atrophic Gastritis
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(2) Amplification of Tissue Distortion
(Outbreak of Secondary Distortion)

When the stomach with initial distortion strongly decreases the momentum, it amplifies the initial distortion. When the stomach decreases the momentum and reduces the energy density, it becomes atrophied to regain the energy density. However, when the stomach continues decreasing the momentum and in addition cannot become atrophied anymore, it starts amplifying initial distortion already caused in the stomach wall. Importantly, in this process, the stomach wall amplifies initial distortion stepwise, because metabolism in an organ is controlled by fractalism. I call this amplified initial distortion “Secondary Distortion” and distinguish it from “Initial Distortion.”

Fig16. Amplification of Tissue Distortion (1/3)
Q: Where does Tissue Distortion occurs?
A: Tissue distortion occurs between the mucosal epithelium and other layers.

Fig17. Amplification of Tissue Distortion (2/3)
Q: How does the stomach wall amplify the tissue distortion?
A: The stomach wall amplifies the tissue distortion stepwise because its metabolism is controlled by fractalism.

Fig18. Amplification of Tissue Distortion (3/3)
Q: Does a tissue cause three-dimensional amplified tissue distortion?
A: True tissue distortion, which occurs between the mucosal epithelium and other layers, is two-dimensional one. However, the three-dimensional figures allow us to clearly understand how tissue distortion enlarges the size stepwise, so I made it as illustrated in the figures below.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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