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Stomach.CancerTheory.jp mainly explains theoretical analyses of stomach cancers. After you read my stomach-cancer theory, you will be able to notice that just your mind, which regards cancer as your enemy, prevents you from finding out the fundamental cause of disease including cancer.

Outbreak Mechanism of Stomach Cancer
--- Cancer occurs on the basis of tissue distortion. ---
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(This figure is illustrated on the top page of the summary, the name of which is "Gastric Cancers Analyzed by Theoretical Physics." This summary explains theoretically how the stomach causes cancer. I sent this summary to about several-hundreds scientists in the world.)

* Examples of My Theory

First of all, let us check the following three points to grasp the rough images of my stomach cancer theory. These three points will enable you to decide whether you read my medical theory or not. Thus, check them before reading the theoretical conceptions explained on this website.

1. Theoretical Model of Cancer
2. Theoretical Model of A Cancer Cell
. Necessary Condition of Cancer

* Rough Index

My medical theory, which includes stomach cancer theory, I explain on this website is roughly divided into five categories, which are Basic Philosophy, Necessity of Medical Theory, Outline, Details, and Basics.
(Detailed Index is here.)

Necessity of Medical Theory

Medical science never makes a great progress without having new philosophy. This section explains not only the relationship between modern medical science and the basic philosophy, but also the importance of philosophy.

Although modern medical science does not have a field of medical theory, it must need to have it. This section explains why medical theory is so important for medical science.

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gastric cancer


Modern medical science does not yet explain what disease is. This section, by picking up several basic conditions of disease, explains the overview of my medical theory.

Any organs including the stomach cause cancer by changing the macroscopic structure. This section explains theoretically how the stomach causes three types of cancers: adenocarcinoma, signet ring cell adenocarcinoma, and leiomyosarcoma.

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This section explains eight basic theories, on the basis of which my medical theory has been formed. Probably, you will be able to understand my medical theory from different view points. I confirm that several ideas in these basic theories will be used as the bed rocks for new medical science.

(Additional Section)

This section is an additional one, and explains briefly the purpose and the goal of this website: Stomach. CancerTheory.jp.



Information for visitors and various topics related to medical theory will be uploaded in this section.

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