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4. Importance
of Theoretical Medicine

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Although most medical researchers think that theoretical study cannot play an important role in medical science, they have to recognize the importance of theoretical study. A theory consists of ideas created in our mind, so that it certainly always involves a little inaccuracy. This must be the reason why medical researchers make light of theoretical study. However, medical researchers should notice that theoretical study can bring great benefits to medical science.

(a) Necessity of A Large Hypothesis
Interestingly enough, whereas the majority of medical researchers do not take notice of the importance of theoretical study, they always unconsciously use a theory to analyze disease. Usually when medical researchers try to analyze disease, they begin by paying attention to a phenomenon observed in a human body with a disease. Then they read many papers to deduce the obscure mechanism, and form a small hypothesis that can explain it. According to the hypothesis, they consider a procedure of laboratory study to examine the obscure mechanism. After that, they check the mechanism by laboratory study. As seen in this process, even when medical researchers use laboratory study, they always make a hypothesis, which means a theory. This means that theoretical study also plays an important role in performing a laboratory examination.

However, a small hypothesis always has a defect: "it cannot explain the whole mechanism of disease." Medical researchers, as explained above, usually form a small hypothesis before checking a mechanism of disease by laboratory study. This may be because the majority of medical researchers think that unless the hypothesis is large, it is enough to explain only the mechanism. Unfortunately, this thought prevents medical researchers from finding out the fundamental mechanism of disease. Why? This is because a small hypothesis cannot explain the whole mechanism of disease, and only allows medical researchers to grasp the partial mechanism of disease.

To grasp the whole image of disease, we need to form a big hypothesis. Although a small hypothesis cannot explain the whole mechanism of disease, a big one enables us to grasp the whole figure of disease. In this sense, a big hypothesis is essential for medical researchers to check how to cause disease. That is, a big hypothesis plays a role in blue print for analysis of disease. Notice that not only a gene is a blue print.

(Before medical researchers analyze disease, they should write a prescription, of which name is a large hypothesis, in order to grasp the rough image of disease.)

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