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4. Importance
of Theoretical Medicine

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(b) A Large Hypothesis and A Map
Next, compare a hypothesis with a map in order to understand clearly the importance of a big hypothesis. For instance, when we are going from Los Angeles to Tokyo, we usually check a map of the world, because we can find both of these two cities in the map. However, even if we check a map of a country: USA or Japan, we cannot know the course between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Likewise, whereas a small hypothesis indeed allows us to deduce accurately the partial image of disease, it does not allow us to grasp roughly the whole image of disease. It is only a big hypothesis to grasp the whole image of disease.

Certainly, a big hypothesis brings such great advantages to medical science, but forming a big hypothesis usually compels us to take indeed a very-long time. Probably, most people including medical researchers may think that a theorist can easily form a theory, because he can form it without laboratory study. However, even if a medical researcher tries to form a big beautiful theory that can explain various phenomena, he may be unable to finish forming the theory before ending his life. That is, our life is too short to form such a big beautiful theory. This indicates that medial science needs to have a group of scientists who focus on forming a big theory.

All in all, medical science needs to have a field of theoretical study: "theoretical medicine." If medical science has a field of theoretical study, medical researchers will be able to examine various obscure phenomena by using the theoretical concepts. Specifically, first of all, a group of scientists form a big theory that can explain the whole mechanism of disease. Next, medical researchers use the theory to grasp the rough image of disease, and narrow down their research points. Then, also by using the theory, the medical researches deduce theoretically the mechanisms of their points, and make the experimental procedure. After that, they check the mechanism by using laboratory study. Lastly, they feed back the experimental results to the medical theory. As seen in this process, theoretical study and laboratory study can pair with each other, and can play a significant role in modern medical science.

(Modern medical science should use theoretical study as a map that leads medical researchers to deduce how and where important points for their researches are.)

Now, we should cooperate in forming a large medical theory to treat people suffering with serious diseases as soon as possible. I do confirm that medical theory works as a light house that shows the road toward new medical science. Modern medical science should notice the importance of "Theoretical Medicine," and make a new field of "Theoretical Medicine."

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