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basic philosophy 2. Albert Einstein
(a) Symmetry and A Human Body Controlled by Symmetric Force

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein is a famous scientist who formed the theory of relatively by paying attention to the symmetry in nature. Symmetric movement is one of the basic movements in nature, and controls the balance between time and space. Importantly, we human beings live in the balance between time and space, so that our bodies can be considered to be also controlled by the force depending upon the balance between time and space. In short, there is a strong possibility that our bodies maintain our lives by using symmetric movement.

Interestingly enough, it is not Albert Einstein who firstly found out symmetry in nature. China has already had the philosophy of symmetry since several thousand years ago. This philosophy is called "Yin-Yang Theory," on the basis of which china civilization has developed. Japan civilization also respected "Yin-Yang Theory," and made a progress on this philosophy.

Importantly, oriental medicine, which indicates not only Chinese but also Japanese traditional medicine, has been made on the philosophy of symmetry: "Yin-Yang Theory." Symmetric balance is the simplest balance in nature, and allows a system to obtain strong stability. In addition, as explained above, we human beings live in the balance between time and space, and there is a strong possibility that a human body is also controlled by the symmetric force. This also reveals that disease is always closely related to symmetric force. These reasons allows us to indicate that modern medical science also needs the concept of symmetry in order to make a great progress.

Symmetry and Medical Science
(Modern medical science will change itself into new medical science when it obtains the concept of symmetry.)

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