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basic philosophy 2. Albert Einstein
(b) Inevitability of Disease
(God does not play dice.)

Albert Einstein often said that god does not play dice. This means that nothing occurs without the inevitability. Although the majority of phenomena seen in nature appear to be controlled by fortuity, A. Einstein confirmed that no phenomena are controlled by fortuity. In other words, he seemed to want to say that all the phenomena seen in nature have their inevitability. To tell this his confidence, he said that "God does not play dice."

If A. Einstein were a medical doctor, he would also think that no disease occurs without the inevitability. Modern medical science does not yet find out the fundamental causes of many diseases. In addition, the majority of diseases appear to occur by fortuity. However, as if A. Einstein confirmed that any phenomena have their inevitability, I also confirm that any diseases have their own inevitability, and that no disease never occurs without the inevitability.

If so, why cannot modern medical science find out the inevitability of the disease? The main reason must originate in the basic philosophy of modern medical science. Modern medical science regards diseases as unnecessary things, so that it, from the beginning, does not admit the inevitability. This reveals that modern medical science will be unable to find out the inevitability of the disease without changing the basic philosophy. In fact, all the medical researchers should consider again why A. Einstein said that "God does not play dice."

The god rolls the dice.
(Albert Einstein comfimed that god does not play dice. Although all the phenomena seen in nature appear to occur by fortunity, they have their inevitability and occur by the inevitability. In other words, any phenomena never occur by fortunity. To explain it, A Einstein said that god does not play dice. It is a dealer who plays dice.)

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