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basic philosophy 3. Modern Medical Science
and Conservative Treatment

Why cannot modern medical science find out radical treatments for diseases?

The majority of treatments in modern medical science are conservative ones. Why? This is because modern medical science dose not yet find out the fundamental cause of disease. I think that the main reason originates in the basic philosophy of modern medical science. Modern medical science has been progressed on the basic philosophy of regarding disease as our enemy, and ignores the necessity of disease. On the basis of this thought, modern medical science continues doing battle with disease; as a result, it failed to made radical treatments for disease.

Certainly, disease is our enemy in a sense. Once we have a disease, we suffer from it. In particular, cancer often leads us to die. Because of these points, we regard disease as our enemy. Of course, also modern medical science regards disease as our enemy, and has been made progress for the purpose of protecting our lives. This must be the reason why we believe that modern medical science has right philosophy.

However, I confirm that human bodies, our most important friends, never betray our trusts. I feel that our bodies are very honest compared with our spirits. Although our spirits can trick others, our bodies cannot do. I think as follows. "A human body tries to live as long as possible once it is born in this world. To live longer, a human body uses (causes) disease." In this sense, disease can be considered to occur in order to protect our lives.

This viewpoint allows us to notice why modern medical science cannot find out radical treatments for diseases. Almost all medical experimental results satisfy the sufficient condition of disease, but they do not satisfy the necessary condition. In addition, modern medical science regards disease as our enemy, and considers disease as unnecessary phenomenon. If you think that a thing is unnecessary, you can find out the necessary condition. Likewise, modern medical science has made the same mistake, and cannot find out the necessary condition of disease. As a result, modern medical science does not establish radical treatments for diseases.

Do not forget that medical science has also made a progress on its foundation, which means the basic philosophy. On the wrong foundation, medical science cannot make a great progress. Only on the good foundation, medical science can not only make a great progress but also find out radical treatments for diseases. All medical researchers should consider the reason why modern medical science fails to find out radical treatments for diseases.

Modern Medical Science and Conservative Treatment
(The Goddess of Liberty has the Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America, but what philosophy does medical science have? Medical science will be unable to make radical treatments without having the right basic philosophy.)

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