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basic philosophy 4. Immunity and Disease
Why does a friend (immunity) cause an enemy?

Although immunity is a system of protecting our bodies, it often causes disease. Modern medical science cannot yet explain clearly why immunity causes disease. Why? The reason for this can be considered to originate in the following two pints. First, modern medical science has the basic philosophy that regards disease as our enemy. Second, the majority of medical researchers focus only on analyzing macroscopic mechanisms in a human body, but they leave out the macroscopic ones.

Probably, the majority of medical researchers may think as follows: although immunity is a system beneficial for a human body, why does it cause a not-pheneficial phenomenon (disease) for a human body? If so, medical researchers should check the basic philosophy of modern medical science, and consider again whether disease is a not-beneficial phenomenon. When medical researchers can notice that disease is a beneficial phenomenon for a human body in a sense, they will be able to easily find out the answer. "Immunity is a beneficial system for a human body, and always causes beneficial phenomena for a human body." The beneficial phenomena are not only the protection for a human body but also diseases.

Next, medical researchers should pay attention to macroscopic mechanisms in a human body to understand why immunity causes disease. A human body maintains the life on the basis of the stability, which originates in the balance among the organs. This means that macroscopic mechanisms in a human body play an important role in maintaining the life of a human body. Thus, when a human body loses good balance among the organs and decreases the stability, it will, by using the immunity, cause disease to regain the good balance.

All in all, not only immunity but also diseases caused by immunity are beneficial for a human body. There is a strong possibility that a human body causes disease by using immunity. Medical researchers should recheck their thoughts in order to find out the true meanings of immunity.

Immunity and Disease
(The majority of scientists consider immunity and disease as our friend and enemy respectively; however, they should notice that both immunity and disease are our friends.)

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