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basic philosophy 2. Contradiction in
Gene Research

Does gene research enable us to find out the fundamental cause of disease?

Checking bacterial infection allows us to notice the contradiction in gene research. To check this indication, check firstly the relationship between bacteria and infectious disease. Then, by using this indication, also check whether gene research plays an important role in allowing medical science to make a great progress. Probably, after you read this section, you may notice that gene therapy is not the radical treatment for disease including cancer, but only conservative one.

First of all, remember how we increase the number of bacteria in a laboratory. When we try to increase the number of bacteria, we need to make a certain circumstance for the bacteria. Specifically, we need to make a culture media when we try to increase bacteria in a laboratory. This fact reveals that when a human body is infected by certain bacteria, it's focus must get the same circumstance just like that of a culture media. That is, only when a human body permits the bacterial infection by changing the internal circumstance into a new one which is just like that of a culture media, it permits the bacterial infection. Although this point appears to be yet unsolved by modern medical science, it must play an important role in causing infectious disease.

Interestingly, this indication also allows us to point out an important problem for gene research. Only when a human body, as explained above, permits bacterial infection, it causes infectious disease. Thus, even if medical doctors treat infectious disease by using antibiotics, they do not succeed in treating it when the human body continues requiring the infectious disease. Then, the bacteria, which have already infected the human body, change their original genes, and then get the tolerance to the antibiotics. In this process, we pay attention to the phenomenon: "the bacteria change their genes by adapting themselves to the circumstance." Needless to say, a human body evolves itself by adopting itself to the circumstance. These reasons allow us to point out even when we try to change any genes in a human body without paying attention to the internal circumstance, we will be unable to succeed in controlling a human body. That is, gene therapy appears to already show its limit on controlling a human body.

All in all, a gene cannot always control an organ; it is also controlled by an organ. Certainly, a gene has the ability of controlling the circumstance in an organ, but it is also controlled by the circumstance in an organ. In fact, unless medical researchers pay attention only to gene function and analyze it, they will be unable to find out the methods of controlling an organ. Indeed, medical researchers should always pay attention to the relationship between a gene and an organ, and which theoretically means that between microscopic and macroscopic mechanisms.

Contradiction in Gene Research
(Although a gene can certainly control an organ, it is also controlled by an organ. This reveals that gene therapy will not be radical treatment for disease.)

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