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basic philosophy 4. Musashi Miyamoto
The Spirit of Samurai and Medical Science

Musashi Miyamoto is a samurai who lived in the Edo era which is a Japanese era name: AC1603-1867, and was a master of martial arts: katanas which are Japanese swords. In his life, he had sixty-times done combat with other samurais, but had no experiment of losing the combats. It was said that this major reason originates in his samurai philosophy: the spirit of samurai.

"Musashi says that before a samurai does combat with other samurais, the result was already decided..." When a person does combat with others, he may think to do combat only with them. However, Musashi said that the true enemy is not others but in ourselves which mean our minds. That is, only a person who won himself can win a victory.

Contrary to this, the majority of medical researchers appear to do combat with disease without thinking back on their minds. Do medical researchers check their minds? Do medical researchers, before analyzing disease, consider whether disease is our enemy or not? I wonder if medical researchers can find out the fundamental cause of disease without thinking back on their minds. Notice the fact: "your true enemy is in your mind."

Musashi said that your true enemy is yourself. An enemy as which you now regard a thing may be only an illusion. No body must be unable to win a victory without thinking back on his mind. I do hope all the medical researchers to understand the spirit of samurai, and to think back on themselves in order to notice the ture figure of disease. I confirm that only medical researchers thinking back on their minds can find out the fundamental cause of disease.

A work by Shinkai Inoue (1674), Tokyo National Museum

See the beauty of the katana. Certainly, it is not a katana but a gun to easily kill a person. However, even if a person can kill others with guns, he will be unable to kill their minds. Katana has the spirit of samurai, which teaches us that the true enemy is in our minds, and in addition that a thought of regarding disease as our emeny may only be an illusion our minds make. Katanas still teach us the importance of philosophy.

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