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basic philosophy 5. Daruma
Background of A Thing

DarumaDaruma (Bodhidharma) is Legendary Indian monk credited with the establishment of the Chan school of Buddhism, and it is said that Daruma always taught many people as follows: "It is very important to closely observe any things in order to know the true meanings." In general, when a person observes a thing, he usually does not pay attention to the background. As a result, he often fails to notice the important meaning of the thing. Daruma saw these persons, and taught many people how to observe a thing.

Although people in present day tend to think that we can observe all the things by using various devices, they also fail to notice the important aspects of a thing. A picture painted by Daruma helps us to notice why they fail to notice it. (I made the illustration below by taking a leaf from the daruma's picture. )

A Picture Pained by Daruma
(As if this monkey is interested in the illusion of the moon and tries to check it, we also tend not to distinguish clearly between a true thing and the illusion.)

In a midnight, a monkey climbed a tree in a lake side. The moon was clearly reflected in the lake. Although the true moon, of course, was in the sky, the monkey was interested in the moon reflected in the lake. So the monkey had a stick and tried to check the moon reflected in the lake. Notice that this monkey indicates each of us. We tend to think that the illusion of a thing is correct, and fail to observe the true figure. This picture teaches us as follows: Never makes a mistake as if this monkey did so.

Indeed, the picture teaches us an important mistake medical doctors often make. A human body is a relative system consisting of organs, each of which always balances itself with other organs. Because of this mechanism, an organ sometimes causes strong change even when the background organs change their physical properties. Thus, in this case, even when a medical doctor treats an organ with strong change, he only fails to treat the disease. This is because the fundamental cause of this disease originates in the background organs of the organ. The doctor does not notice the fundamental cause, and treated the disease; as a result, he changes the disease into chronic one. Notice that this doctor only sees the illusion of disease, and tries to treat the illusion as if the monkey checks the illusion of the moon.

Daruma taught us as follows: "Look, Look, and Look. You must not see the illusion of a thing. You should always see the true figure of a thing." This doctrine of Daruma, of course, is very important when we medical researchers observe obscure phenomena seen in a human body.


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