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basic philosophy 6. John Lennon
What is peace for a human body?

John Lennon was a member of "Beetles," and an advocate of peace. I like to hear "Imagine," one of his songs. In this song, he tells us the importance of peace. Although modern medical science seems to be formed on the peace of mind, its basic philosophy has a serious problem of changing a human body into the battle field. I think that if John Lennon knows this fact, he must worry about modern medical science.

First of all, check what basic philosophy modern medical science has. Usually when we have a disease, we suffer from the disease. In addition, serious disease often leads us to die. For the reasons, modern medical science has also considered diseases as unnecessary phenomena for a human body; as a result, it has had the basic philosophy regarding disease as our enemy.

A thought: "because we are suffered from disease, we should battle with disease" is very dangerous for us. By almost the same thought, we usually launch a war. In fact, before launching a war, we should consider again whether the target is our enemy or not. Likewise, medical researchers should consider again whether disease is our enemy or not.

If so, let us consider whether disease is our enemy. I think as follows. "There is nothing having no reason for the existence. Even disease also has the reason for the existence, and must have a certain merit for a human body." Indeed, disease appears to be an unnecessary phenomenon for a human body. However, when I analyzed theoretically several phenomena seen in a human body, I noticed that disease has the ability to neutralize the imbalance among organs. In this sense, disease is necessary for a human body. This means that disease can be considered our friend.

Notice that if we regard disease as our enemy and battle with it, we will change a human body into the battle field as if we launch a war. Disease, as explained above, can theoretically be considered to have the reason for the existence. Just when medical researchers notice this fact, they will able not only to prevent a human body into the battle field but also to find out new solutions to diseases. This must be the first step toward new medical science.

Undoubtedly, pure selfishness not only regards disease as our enemy but also launches a war. As if even disease can theoretically be considered to have the reason for the existence, each of we also has the reason for the existence. When we all can respect with one another, we will be able to make peaceful world. I think John Lennon, from the heaven, does hope so.

From "Imagine"
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Human body and Peace
(Not only in the battle field but also in modern medical science, we launch a war. This reveals that the most important problem is hidden in our mind. We should understand the fact: there is nothing having the reason for the existence. This thought must lead us to open the door toward peace.)

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