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Basics: Basic Medical Theories

Index of Basic Medical Theories

I. Gauge-Field Theory

1. Gauge: The Smallest Unit
2. Field: An Unit Consisting of Gauges
3. Importance of Gauge-Field Theory
(a) Expression of A Fractal Structure
(b) Expression of Relative Movements
4. Expansion of Gauge-Field Theory

II. Background-Field Theory

1. Basic Concept of Background Field Theory
• Meanings of This Experiment
2. Relationship between An Organ and The Background Organs
(a) Outbreak Process of Swelling Change
(b) Theoretical Meaning of Swelling Change
(c) Theoretical Meaning of Atrophic Change
3. Importance of Background Field Theory
(a) Purpose of This Theory
(b) A Viewpoint Necessary for New Medical Science

III. Fractal-Field Theory

1. Representative Fractal Structures in Nature
(a) Two and Three-Dimensional Fractal Structure
(b) Fractal Structure Seen in A Tissue
2. Fractal Level
(a) A Human Body and The Fractal Levels
(b) A Tissue and The Fractal Level
3. Roles of Fractal Structure
(a) Measurement of A Focal Size

(b) Control of Metabolism

IV. Fractal-Kinetic Theory

1. Dynamic Fractal Theory
(a) Definition of Internal Cellular Movement
(b) Definition of Internal Fractal Movement
2. Fractal Structure Oppressed by An External Force
(a) Fractal Units Oppressed by An External Force
(b) Fractal Structure Oppressed by An External Force
3. Fractalism and Tumorigenesis
(a) Amplification of Tissue Distortion
(b) Tumorigenesis

V. Field-Sets Theory

1. Two Types of Field Sets
2. Symmetric Field

(a) Stability of A Symmetric Field
(b) A Human Body and Symmetric Field
(c) Disease and The Imbalance in Symmetric Fields

3. Triplet Field

(a) Triplet Fields Seen in Microscopic Particles
(b) Triplet Fields Seen in A Human Body

4. Summary of Two Types of Fields Sets

5. An Unit Consisting of A Symmetric Field and Two Triplet Fields

(a) Symbol of David
(b) Relationship between Two triplet Fields and A Symmetric Field
(c) A human body created as the symbol of david

VI. Dimensional-Gauge Theory

1. Three-Dimensional Stability
(a) A normal cell and the internal movement
(b) A cancer cell and the internal movement
2. Momentum Contained in A Cell
3. Theoretical Models of A Normal and A Cancer Cell
• Relationship between Normal and Cancer Cells

VII. Distorted-Field Theory

1. The Basic Conception
2. Initial Distortion
(a) The Meaning of Initial Distortion
(b) Initial Distortion Seen in The Esophagus
3. Secondary Distortion
(a) The Meaning of Secondary Distortion
(b) Amplification of Secondary Distortion
(c) Secondary Distortion Seen in The Esophagus
4. Third Distortion
(a) Meaning of Third Distortion
(b) How to control tumorigenesis?
5. Tissue Distortion and Esophageal Cancer
(a) Why does a person who has a habit of drinking strong liquor easily cause third distortion in the mucosal epithelium nearby the lamina propria mucosae?
(b) Why does the esophagus in a person having a habit of drinking strong liquor tend to strongly decrease the momentum?

VIII. Energy Gap Neutralization Theory

1. Concept of "Energy Gap"
2. Actual Momentum and Standard Momentum
3. Instability of A Human Body and Energy Gap
4. Neutralization of Energy Gap
5. Energy Gap and Two Kinds of Forces

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