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5. A Symmetric Field Consisting of Two Triplet Fields

A human body, by using the relationship between symmetric and triplet fields, obtains strong stability. Both a symmetric and a triplet field, as explained in the previous section, has strong stability. Thus, a thing made of these two kinds of field sets can get very-strong stability. Many things in nature must use this mechanism to obtain strong stability, and a human body also has this mechanism.

(a) Symbol of David
Symbol of David, which is famous for the mark of Judaism, is made of two kinds of field sets: a symmetric field and two triplet fields. That is, in this symbol, a symmetric field consists of two triplet fields. This symbol can also be seen on a shinto shrine archway in a Japanese shrine: Ise Shrines, and Japanese people calls it "Kagome" in Japanese. These facts suggest that this symbol has very-important meaning for nature.

Interesting enough, it can theoretically be indicated that a thing having this structure usually has very-strong stability. When a thing is created just like a symbol of david, it has not only the stability of a symmetric field but also that of triplet fields, so that it can obtain very-strong stability. Surprisingly, a human body also has this structure: as a result, it obtains very-strong stability. Specifically, a human body can be divided into the internal and the external organs. The internal organs are divided into the head, the chest, and the abdomen; the external organs are divided into the skin, the muscle, and the bone. Paying attention to this structure enable us to indicate easily that a human body is created just like the symbol of david: a symmetric field consisting of two triplet fields.

(b) Relationship between Two triplet Fields and A Symmetric Field
A thing in nature are frequently crated as an unit consisting of two symmetric fields and a triplet field, because a thing having this structure obtains very-strong stability.

Importantly, in this structure, the axis of the two triplet fields and that of the symmetric field meet at right angles. As shown in the figure below, in the symbol of david, the two triplet fields have the same axis; on the other hand, the symmetric field has an another axis. These two axes meet at right angles, and does not interfere with the other. Thus, it is suggested that in nature, a triplet field and a symmetric field play different roles with each other. For the reasons, we can indicate the following two points. First, a triplet and a symmetric field have different types of stability. Second, when these two field sets combine together, they produce strong stability.

(c) A human body created as the symbol of david
A human body also has the structure created just like the symbol of David, so that it not only has very-strong stability but also causes disease on the basis of this structure. Chinese medicine has a concept of "Three-Yin and Three-Yang," and explains how a human body causes disease. This concept: "Three-Yin and Three-Yang" basically has the same meaning as that of the symbol of David. This concept indicates not only that a human body is created just like the symbol of David, but also that a human body causes disease on the basis of this structure. Indeed, checking the relationship between a human body and "Symbol of David" will enable us to find out an important key about disease.

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