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3. Triplet Field
A triplet field is made of three elements, on the basis of which it obtains the stability. A triplet field, along with a symmetric field, is also one of the representative field sets in nature. In addition, a triplet field, like a symmetric field, also has strong stability. Thus, many things in nature are created as triplet fields, and obtain their stability due to the balance among their three elements.

(a) Triplet Fields Seen in Microscopic Particles
In nature, triplet fields can often be found in micro-particles. For example, a delta-particle, which is one of the micro-particles in nature, can be regarded as a triplet field. Physics explains that a delta-particle consists of three different quarks whose charge are red, green, and blue. Because of the balance among these three quarks, a delta-particle obtains the stability. Besides a delta-particle, a neutron and a positron each consist of three quarks, and can also be regarded as triplet fields.


(b) Triplet Fields Seen in A Human Body
Triplet fields can also be found in a human body. For example, in genetics, a word: "triplet" means a unit of three successive nucleotides in a molecule of DNA or RNA that codes for a specific amino acid; a codon or anticodon. This proves that DNA and RNA have triplet fields. Besides a gene, the secondary-largest units in a human body, which are the head, the chest and the abdomen, are formed as a triplet field. This structure clearly indicates that a human body uses triplet fields to obtain the strong stability.

4. Summary of Two Types of Field Sets
All in all, the indications on the preceding and on this page lead us to suggest that a human body is created as a nest of symmetric and triplet fields. On the preceding page, it has been concluded that a human body is created as a nest of symmetric fields. Additionally, on this page, a human body can be considered to be formed as a nest of triplet fields. All in all, it is indicated that a human body is created as a nest of two kinds of field sets: symmetric and triplet fields.
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