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logo of Basic Theories VIII. Energy Gap Neutralization Theory
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5. Energy Gap and Two Kinds of Forces

There are two kinds of forces that cause an energy gap between organs. (In other words, we can say that there are two kinds of forces that oppress an organ.) They are "Anterior Force" and "Posterior Force."

5-a. Anterior Force
"Anterior Force" indicates a force that oppresses an organ from the external field of a human body, and causes an energy gap with the organ and the background organs. For example, foods, weather conditions, stress and so on work as "Anterior Forces."

Imagine a person who has a habit of drinking strong liquor. This person tends to cause esophagitis, gastritis and so on because of the stimulation of the strong liquor. In this case, the strong liquor works as an anterior force that oppresses the esophagus and the stomach.

5-b. Postrior Force
"Posterior Force" indicates a force that oppresses an organ from the background organs, and causes an energy gap between the organ and the background organs.

Specifically, when the background field of an organ changes the momentum, it causes the imbalance in momentum with the organ, and which works as an energy gap. Then this energy gap starts oppressing the organ. As seen in this process, "Posterior Force" appears to oppress an organ from the behind. This is the reason why I call this force "Posterior Force."

Importantly, serious diseases including chronic diseases usually occur on "Posterior Force." The majority of medical doctors and medical researchers do not yet notice the existence of "Posterior Force"; thus, they hardly treat diseases caused by "Posterior Force." Undoubtedly, noticing the existence of "Posterior Force" is essential to make new medical treatments for serious diseases.

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