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2. Fractal Level
Importantly, a fractal structure controls the internal movement as well as the structure by using its level. I call this level "Fractal Level." A fractal structure is created as a nest of units, and which can be classified into different-sized units. The different-sized units contain different-sized movement, and can be considered to belong to different levels. Thus, a fractal structure can control the internal movement by using its level.

(a) A Human Body and The Fractal Levels
A human body, by using the fractal levels, controls its internal movement which means its metabolism. In a human body, a cell belongs to the lowest fractal level; a cell unit belongs to the secondary-lowest level; a small leaf belongs to the third-lowest level; a large leaf belongs to the fourth-lowest level; an organ belongs to the fifth-lowest level. Furthermore, a human body belongs to the highest fractal level. As seen in this, fractal structure in a human body can be divided into different-sized units according to the levels. Thus, by using this mechanism, a human body can be considered to control its metabolism.

fractal level
(A human body is created as a fractal structure, and controls the metabolism by the fractal levels.)

(b) A Tissue and The Fractal Level
Next, by using theoretical models, let us check what fractal level a tissue has. A tissue, as explained on the preceding page, can be divided into two kinds of fractal structures: vertical and horizontal one. Importantly, both of these two fractal structures are controlled by fractal levels. The figure below shows the difference in level that can theoretically be seen in a tissular fractal structure.

Fractal Level in A Tissue
(Theoretically, a tissue can be illustrated as the figures above. These figures show clearly what fractal structure a tissue has.)

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