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logo of Basic Theories II. Background-Field Theory
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3. Importance of Background Field Theory

(a) Purpose of This Theory
I made "Background Field Theory" for medical researchers and doctors to notice the importance of the relationship between an organ and the background organs. The majority of medical doctors and researchers pay attention only to an organ when they check the organ. However, "Background Field Theory" explains clearly that always when an organ shows any changes, its fundamental cause originates in the balance between the organ and the background organs. In other words, we can say that any diseases occur on the balance between an organ and the background organs. Thus, whenever we medical doctors check an organ, we should always pay attention not only to the organ but also to the relationship with the background organs. Just this point is the major purpose of "Background Field Theory."

(b) A Viewpoint Necessary for New Medical Science
Taking notice of the importance of the relationship among organs will also enable us to make a new solution to disease. A tissue with disease appears to cause the disease for itself. However, even when a tissue appears to cause disease for itself, its change always depends upon the relationship between the tissue and the background field. Why? This is because a human body is created as a relative system consisting of organs, each of which balances itself with other organs. This balance plays a major role in working as the stability of a human body. Because of this mechanism, we cannot analyze disease without taking notice of the relationship between a tissue and the background field. Undoubtedly, medical doctors and researchers should notice the importance of the relationship among organs in order to make new medical science.

Fix in your mind that a human body works as a system. Certainly, dividing a human body enables us to analyze the accurate mechanisms. However, this method also forces us to leave out the relationship among organs, and to forget an important view point: a human body is a relative system consisting of organs. Now, we medical doctors and researchers should reconsider what system a human body works as, and how an organ is related to other organs. My "Background Field Theory" will teach you that the relationship among organs plays a major role not only in maintaining health but also in causing disease.

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