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basic philosophy 7. Medicines and The Side Effects
Are the side effects of medicines the inevitable results?

Although the majority of medical researchers tend to take it for granted that any medicines have the side effects, they should reconsider whether this viewpoint is correct or not. Certainly, when medical doctors treat patients with medicines, they must often have the experiments of finding out the side effects such as appetite loss, hepatic dysfunction, rash appeared on the skin, and so on. However, although I am also a medical doctor and had such experiments, I feel that it is not a matter of course that medicines have the side effects.

Next, consider why medicines have their side effects. The most important point originates in the following fact: "modern medial science does not yet find out the fundamental cause of disease." For instance, when a medical doctor treats disease with medicines, he will certainly succeed in extinguishing the symptoms. However, he must be unable to extinguish the fundamental force which causes the disease. Then the force changes the original direction into a new one, and oppresses other organs. As a result, the force causes new symptoms and diseases. This process clearly indicates that modern medical science has made medicines only to control the symptoms of diseases, and that it does not yet find out the fundamental cause of disease.

If so, what method enables medical researchers to make medicines that can control the fundamental force causing disease? Notice that there is an important method. It is to know ourselves by using our minds. For example, although our mind regards disease as our enemy, we should consider a question: "is disease our enemy?" If we regard disease as our friend, what figure of disease can we notice? Undoubtedly, answering these questions allows us to find out a new thought, which will play an important role in making new medicines having no side effect.

Medicines and The Side Effects
(Step-1: The human body is in good health. Step-2: The human body raises the momenta in organ-A, B and F, and then causes the imbalance in momentum among the organs. Step-3: The imbalance in momentum works as a force, which oppresses organ-D. As a result, disease appears in organ-D. Step-4: After organ-D was treated with a medicine, the original force, which oppressed only organ-D, changes the directions. Then the force starts oppressing organ-C and E. Step-5: Side effects of the medicine appears in organ-C and E.)

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