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2. Special Characteristics
of Laboratory Study

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First of all, let us check the special characteristic of laboratory study. In general, medical researchers unconsciously choose laboratory study when they try to examine obscure phenomena observed in a human body. However, they should reconsider why they choose laboratory study, because they appear to choose it without considering the special characteristics of laboratory study. For this purpose, let us begin by understanding the special characteristics of laboratory study in order to effectively examine obscure phenomena.

For example, the following two questions are useful for us to understand the special characteristics of theoretical study. First, what kind of inaccuracy does laboratory study always involve? Second, what advantages and disadvantages does laboratory study have when we analyze disease? In this section, by answering these two questions, check the special characteristics of theoretical study.

(a) Inaccuracy of Laboratory Study
Whereas laboratory experimental results are generally considered to always have high accuracy, they always involve a certain inaccuracy. Medical researchers, of course, should publish experimental results as accurately as possible. Besides, medical researchers tend to think that laboratory experimental results always have high accuracy. This must be the reasons why medical researchers uncounciously choose laboratory study when they examine various phenomena observed in a human body. However, before checking obscure phenomena by laboratory study, medical researchers should consider what kind of inaccuracy laboratory experimental results involve.

For instance, medical researchers often use mice to determine the effects of a new medicine on a disease. Specifically, medical researchers forcibly cause a disease in mice, then they treat these mice by using a new medicine. After that, they check the effects of the medicine on the disease. Needless to say, this is one of the general procedures of laboratory study in modern medical science.

Importantly, whereas this procedure certainly enables medical researchers to obtain accurate experimental results, it must always bring the same type of inaccuracy. Why? This is because the treatment for a disease differs according to the outbreak mechanism. Even if a medicine is effective on a disease induced by a certain procedure, it will sometimes be non-effective on the same disease induced by other procedures. This reveals that experimental results led from laboratory study often involve the same type of inaccuracy.

All in all, it is indicated that any laboratory experimental results vary their accuracy according to their experimental conditions. Even if a laboratory experimental result shows high accuracy under a certain laboratory condition, it may lose the high accuracy under other conditions. In other words, we can say that even when a laboratory experimental result has high accuracy under a certain laboratory circumstance, it often loses the high accuracy in clinical medicine. Thus, whenever medical researchers use laboratory study to check how to cause disease, they should pay attention to such disadvantages of laboratory study.

(He drinks deep because of his sadness, because disease caused in me is different in outbreak mechanism from that caused in a human body. I do hope you notice the different point. I also have the reason for the existence as if you each have the reason for the existence.)

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