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basic philosophy 4. Triplet Thinking 2/2
Triplet Structure

Triplet Thinking is indeed useful to find out the basic mechanisms not only in things in nature but also those in a human body.

Triplet Structures Seen in Microscopic Particles
A delta-particle is one of the microscopic particle in nature, and created as a triplet structure. A delta particle consists of three quarks, and can be regarded as a triplet field. Furthermore, three quarks in a delta particle have different-color charges such as a red, a blue and a green charge. Because of these different color charges, three quarks in a delta particle can maintain good balance. This balance works as the stability of a delta-particle. In fact, like a delta particle, other triplet fields in nature have stability due to the balance among their three elemental fields.

(Triplet thinking enables us to regard a delta-particle as a triplet structure, which consists of three quarks having different color charges.)

Triplet Structures Seen in A Human Body
A human body is also created as a nest of triplet units. The smallest triplet unit is a gene; the largest triplet unit is a human body itself. A gene is made of codons that code for amino acids. Each of the codon consists of three bases. This proves that a gene is created as a triplet structure, and the smallest triplet unit in a human body. On the other hand, a human body itself is created as triplet units. In a human body, the internal organs form a triplet field consisting of the head, the chest and the abdomen: the external ones also form a triplet field consisting the skin, the muscles, and the bones. This suggests that a human body is a system made of a nest of triplet units. As seen in these examples, "Triplet Thinking is useful for us to analyze obscure mechanisms in a human body.

(A human body is created as a system made of a nest of triplet units. Thus, using "Triplet Thinking" indeed helps us to find out obscure mechanisms in a human body.)

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