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basic philosophy 2. Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Thinking

Dimensional-thinking methods can roughly be classified into two types: two-dimensional and three-dimensional thinking. When we observe and analyze obscure phenomena, we tend to grasp it two-dimensionally. Why? This is because we tend to think a thing two-dimensionally although we unconsciously think to have the ability to grasp a thing three-dimensionally. Thus, distinguishing these two kinds of dimensional thinking methods are indeed important for us to observe the whole figure of a phenomenon.

Usually when we try to observe a thing, we tend to grasp it by using two-dimensional thinking. Our eyes can see an object three dimensionally, so that we unconsciously think that our brains can also grasp a thing three dimensionally. However, even when we try to grasp a thing three dimensionally, we can hardly do. This is because it is very difficult to grasp a thing three dimensionally. As a result, we tend not to grasp the whole image of a thing but only the side. It is important to notice this fact.

Medical researchers need to use three-dimensional thinking effectively in order to unify various experimental results already published. Almost all medical researchers have analyzed obscure phenomena by using two-dimensional thinking. As a result, the experimental results are not yet unified, and do not allow medical science to find out a great discovery. Thus, medical researchers, by using three-dimensional thinking, should unify experimental results already published in order to find out a great discovery.

In fact, modern medical science needs to have a concept of grasping the whole of the mechanism in a human body. For this purpose, medical researchers should distinguish clearly between two-dimensional and three-dimensional thinking, and make a good use of three-dimensional thinking to analyze disease. When medical researchers can freely use three-dimensional thinking, they will be able to establish quite new solution to disease.

Two and Three-Dimensional Thinking
(It is essential to distinguish clearly the difference in thinking methods between two-dimensional and three-dimensional one. Whereas two-dimensional thinking allows us only to think a side of a thing, three-dimensional thinking allows us to grasp the whole figure. Indeed, when we unify experimental results already published, we need to think by three-dimensional thinking.)

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