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basic philosophy 4. New Philosophy
What philosophy does new medical science need?

Let us consider what basic philosophy of medical science enable us to grasp the new figure of disease. Disease sometimes leads a human body to die; in this sense, disease is certainly our enemy. However, decease can theoretically be considered to have the ability to protect our lives. In this sense, we can regard disease as our friends. Of these two thoughts, the latter thought must allow us to find out the new image of disease.

Probably, many medical researchers may ask me a question. "Modern medical science has regarded disease as our enemy, so that it has succeeded in driving away various infectious diseases. Nevertheless, why is it incorrect that we regard disease as our enemy?" Certainly, modern medical science made a great progress by regarding disease as our enemy. However, modern medical science seems to reach its limit, and needs to add and to change partially the basic philosophy. Even when a human body causes infectious disease, it must need a certain circumstance which allows the parasites to live. This reveals that the human body in a certain condition aggressively makes use of infectious disease to maintain its life.

All in all, we all scientists should have two thoughts: one is that any diseases are unnecessary for a human body, and the other is that any diseases are necessary for a human body. As explained in the preceding section, I think that our bodies are our most important friends, and never betray us. Once our bodies are born in this world, they make a great effort of maintaining their lives as long as possible. These thoughts lead me to indicate that our bodies cause disease without the inevitability. I confirm that just this thought will also enable medical researchers to find out not only the necessary condition of disease, and which indicates the fundamental cause of disease.

Undoubtedly, modern medical science needs to have the new basic philosophy which weighs heavily in the inevitability of disease. All the things in nature including disease must have the reasons for their own existence. Thus, also when a human body causes disease, it causes disease by accepting the necessary condition of the disease. In short, it is the first step to find out what inevitability disease has. Fix in your mind that any disease has double edges: one is a disadvantage for a human body, and the other is an advantage for a human body. Never pay attention only to the side; pay attention both to the sides.

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