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Examples of My Theory

1. Theoretical Model of Cancer
2. Theoretial Model of A Cancer Cell
3. Necessary Condition of Cancer

1. Theoretical Model of Cancer

A tissue causes cancer at the peak of tissue distortion.

This figure indicates a theoretical image of cancer. Why? This is because several experimental results of carcinogenses enabled me to indicate as follows: when a tissue causes strong tissular distortion, it causes cancer at the peak of the strong tissular distortion.

1. Why can I indicate that a tissue causes tissue distortion before cause cancer?
"Cancer occurs at the peak of stong tissular distortion"; this indication, as explained above, can be deduced from several results of experimental carcinogeneses. For instance, let us pick up a carcinogenesis that occurs at the peak of a large polyp, and consider why a large polyp causes cancer. A polyp is tissue distortion itself, so that a large polyp works as large tissue distortion. Furthermore, a polyp frequently causes cancer at the peak. These indications enable us to indicate clearly that a tissue with strong tissue distortion causes cancer at the peak of the tissue distortion. That is, cancer is always closely related to tissue distortion.

2. What points does the theoretical model above teach us?
The theoretical model above teaches us two important points about carcinogenesis as follows.

First, the theoretical model above teaches us that when a tissue is in a bad condition, it aggressively causes cancer in order to repair the bad condition. Although most medical researchers tend to focus on analyzing only microscopic mechanisms in a cell and in a tissue such as genetic function and signal transduction, they should, before analyzing them, consider the reason why a tissue in a certain condition aggressively requires cancer. That is, medical researchers should find out the necessary condition of cancer before examining the detailed function. My cancer theory explains various logical ideas about carcinogenesis, and which indicate clearly that cancer never occurs without the necessary condition of carcinogenesis.

Second, the theoretical model above also teaches us that in a human body, not the microscopic but the macroscopic structure and function play a major role in causing cancer. Interestingly enough, most medical researchers pay attention only to microscopic structure and function in a human body too much, and make light of the macroscopic one. Just this point, I think, is one of the important points that prevents medical researchers from finding out the fundamental cause of cancer. My cancer theory, by paying attention to the macroscopic structure and function in a human body, explains how an organ causes cancer.

All in all, although the majority of medical researchers appear to seek the fundamental cause of cancer without paying attention to the important points about cancer, they should notice this point. High-tech devices certainly help medical researchers examine the accurate mechanisms of cancer; however, they never teach them where the important points of carcinogenesis are. Indeed, before using high-tech devices, medical researchers should consider again where the important points about carcinogenesis by using their own brains.


1. An organ in bad condition aggresively causes cancer to reapir the condition. An organ will never cause cancer without the necessary condition.
2. An organ causes cancer mainly by using the macroscopic mechanisms. It must be a mistake to think that the fundamantal cause of carcinogenesis originates only in microscopic mechanisms.
3. High-tech devices never teach us what the important points of carcinogenesis are. It is only our brains that find out them.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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