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(4) The Reason Why We Cannot Easily Controls Gastric Scirrhus
Next, consider why medical doctors cannot easily control gastric scirrhus. Even when a medical doctor succeeded in extirpating the stomach with scirrhus, he will often see the recurrent and hardly treat it. Why? The major reason for this must be hidden in the following point: “Most medical doctors do not notice the existence of the posterior force which is transmitted from background organs of the stomach to the stomach, and do not yet have a method of cutting the posterior force. As a result, they will often see the recurrence of the cancer.” For instance, an epidemiological result about gastric scirrhus has pointed out that women whose ages are about thirty years old often cause this type of gastric cancer. Women at about thirty years old can be considered to have usually caused moderate initial distortion in the whole area in the stomach wall, and in addition often cause congestion in their sexual organs. This suggests that gastric scirrhus occurring in women at about thirty years old is often controlled by the posterior force that is transmitted from the sexual organs to the stomach. (Of course, besides this type of posterior force, there must be other types of posterior forces that can oppress the stomach.) All in all, medical researchers should, as soon as possible, find out the posterior force oppressing the stomach, and in addition establish a method of cutting it out.

(5) H.Pylori and Gastric Cancer
The stomach wall infected with helicobacter pylori can theoretically be considered to cause strong initial distortion in between the mucosal epithelium and the lamina propria mucosae. Medical science has pointed out as follows. “When the stomach is infected with helicobacter pylori, its mucosal epithelium is strongly damaged by them. By this mechanism, the stomach tends to begin by causing atrophic gastritis, followed by causing intestinal metaplastic gastritis. Then the stomach often causes gastric cancer.” This process reveals that the stomach infected with helicobacter pylori frequently causes strong initial distortion in between the mucosal epithelium and the lamina propria mucosae. Thus, when the stomach already infected with helicobacter pylori also decreases the momentum, it will amplify the strong initial distortion and then easily cause adenocarcinoma. For the reasons, helicobacter pylori can theoretically be considered to play a major role in causing strong initial distortion in the stomach wall.

(6) Our Thought about Cancer
Although modern medical science has made various treatments on the basis of a philosophy: “Diseases including cancer are our enemy,” it should have a new philosophy to establish new treatments for cancer. Certainly, cancer often leads us to die; in this sense, cancer appears to be our enemy. However, theoretical analyses of gastric cancers have already taught us clearly that cancer is not our enemy in a sense, and in addition that we need to understand the necessary condition of cancer. As if we each have the reason for the existence, cancer must also have the reason for the existence. In fact, we will be unable to control cancer completely unless we notice the fact: “Our mind, which regards cancer as our enemy, prevents us from finding out the fundamental cause of cancer.”

(7) Necessity of Theoretical Medicine
Modern medical science must need a new field: “Theoretical Medicine” in order to make a great progress. Most medical researchers appear to determine hardly where they focus on researching in order to find out the fundamental cause of disease. Why? This must be because modern medical science does not yet have a field of theoretical medicine, and cannot teach medical researchers where important points about disease are. Although the majority of medical researchers do not yet notice the importance of theoretical medicine, they should consider what role theoretical medicine can play in medical science. Theoretical medicine plays a role in a map of disease, and will teach medical researchers where they had better focus on researching. In this sense, theoretical medicine must bring great benefits to medical researchers. Thus, all the scientists, who are not only medical researches but also basic scientists such as mathematicians, theoretical physicists, theoretical biologists and so on, should cooperate with one another in establishing a new field of medical science: “Theoretical Medicine.”

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