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Consider theoretically how a tissue causes inflammation.
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5. Tumorigenesis and Tropical Cyclone
Interestingly enough, a tissue can be considered to cause a tumor as if a tropical cyclone causes the eye. A tropical cyclone is a large and strong atmospheric distortion, and tends to easily lose the stability. Thus, to obtain the stability, a tropical cyclone causes the eye. Specifically, in a tropical cyclone, ascending air currents flow in the body; descending air currents flow in the eye. Because of these two different types of air currents, a tropical cyclone obtains strong stability. Likewise, when a tissue causes strong distortion, it loses the good stability; thus, the tissue will cause a tumor in order to obtain the stability.

(A tropical cyclone can be considered to cause an eye to obtain its stability. By almost the same as this mechanism, a tissue must cause a tumor.)

6. New View Points toward Tumorigenesis
Notice that the macroscopic structure in a tissue plays a major role in causing a tumor. Although the majority of medical researches tend to think that the fundamental cause of tumorigenesis originates in microscopic mechanisms in a human body such as a gene, they should recheck their thought. Microscopic structure and function are usually controlled by the macroscopic structure and the function. Thus, even if medical researchers try to control a gene in order to treat a tumor, they will be unable to treat a tumor completely. Fix in your mind that a human body maintains the life on the basis of the stability, which originates in the balance among the organs: macroscopic structure. This indicates clearly that a human body causes tumorigenesis by using the macroscopic structure."

In other words, although the majority of medical researchers have a thought: a human body causes tumor accidentally, they should recheck their thought. A.Einstein, German-Swiss-U.S scientist forming the theory of relativity, said that God does not play dice, and thought that all changes in nature have their own inevitability. Likewise, a human body can be considered to cause tumor by the inevitability. Undoubtedly, medical researchers will be unable to find out the fundamental cause of tumor without pay attention to the inevitability.

inevitability of tumor
(The majority of medical researchers appear to think not only that a human body maintains the live only by the microscopic function, but also that a human body causes disease including tumor by microscopic abnormalities. However, they should recheck these thoughts to find out the fundamental cause of cancer.)

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