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logo of cancer III. Important Points for Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis
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(11) Two Kinds of Forces that Can Oppress An Organ

There are two kinds of forces that oppress an organ. One is anterior force; the other is posterior force. Understanding these two kinds of forces is essential to analyze different types of gastric cancers: adenocarcinoma and signet ring cell adenocarcinoma. Thus, let us check the difference between these two forces.

Anterior force indicates a force that oppresses an organ from the external field of a human body. Representative anterior forces are foods, weather, chemical substances contained in air and in foods, stress, and so on. For instance, an epidemiological result about gastric cancer has pointed out that a person who frequently takes foods containing much salt increases the frequency of gastric cancer. In this epidemiological result, foods containing much salt can be considered to work as an anterior force that affects the stomach. Thus, we can say as follows: “When the stomach is continuously affected by this anterior force, it will often cause atrophic gastritis, followed by causing gastric cancer.” As seen in this example, anterior force indicates a force occurring from the external field of a human body and oppressing an organ in the human body.

On the other hand, posterior force indicates a force that oppresses an organ from the background organs. When an organ shows strong change, its fundamental cause often originates not in the organ itself but in the background organs. For instance, when a group of organs changes the momentum, it causes the imbalance in momentum with the foreground organ. This imbalance in momentum works as a force, which oppresses the foreground organ. That is, different form anterior force, this force is transmitted from the background field of an organ to the organ, and appears to oppress an organ from the behind. This is the reason why I call this force “Posterior Force.”

Importantly, these two kinds of forces, anterior and posterior force, control whether the stomach causes adenocarcinoma arising from the mucosal epithelium or signet ring cell adenocarcinoma arising from the lamina propria mucosae. Usually when the stomach with tissue distortion is oppressed by anterior force and amplifies the tissue distortion, it causes cancer in the mucosal epithelium. This cancer indicates adenocarcinoma: gastric cancer resulting from atrophic gastritis. On other hand, when the stomach with the same tissue distortion, which has the potential of causing adenocarcinoma, is oppressed by posterior force and amplifies the tissue distortion, it causes cancer in the lamina propria mucosae. This cancer indicates signet ring cell adenocarcinoma. In short, the difference in force oppressing the stomach divides gastric cancers between adenocarcinoma and signet ring cell adenocarcinoma. The figures below explain the difference between anterior and posterior force.

Fig14. Two Kinds of Forces
that Oppress An Organ

1. Although modern medical science does not have a concept: when an organ is oppressed by other organs, it causes disease, it should recognize the existence of such a force which indicates "Posterior Force." If so, why cannot medical researchers find "Posterior Force." The major reason originates in the following fact: modern medical science does not yet recognize that a human body is a relative system.
2. Posterior Force plays a major role in causing serious diseases such as chronic diseases, serious cancers, and so on. Thus, it is essential not only to recognize, but also to find out posterior force.

img/coffee_break.gifCoffee Break!

Consider whether a dragon is our enemy or our friend in order to check whether cancer is our enemy or not.


If a dragon helps you against your enemy, you will think that a dragon is our friend. However, if a dragon menaces you with his fire, you will think that a dragon is our enemy. That is, all of we, according to our subjective point of view, tend to decide whether a thing is our enemy or not.


This reveals that our mind regards cancer as our enemy because our mind does not know the fact: cancer may be our friend in a sense. That is, the fundamental cause of all problems must originate in our mind.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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