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logo of cancer III. Important Points for Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis
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(5) Tropical Cyclone and Tumorigenesis

Interestingly enough, paying attention to the structure of a tropical cyclone helps us deduce how a tissue causes a tumor. A tropical cyclone is large atmospheric distortion, and consists of the body and the eye. The body and the eye have opposite air currents. Ascending air currents flow in the body; descending ones flow in the eye. In addition, when a tropical cyclone loses the eye, it abruptly loses the stability and then disappears. These phenomena reveal that a tropical cyclone maintains the structure on the basis of the balance of air currents between the eye and the body. In other words, a tropical cyclone is large atmospheric distortion, and cannot maintain the structure without causing the eye. Likewise, when a tissue causes strong tissue distortion, it will cause an eye to neutralize the strong tissue distortion. Just this eye can theoretically be considered a tumor.

Fig8: Tropical Cyclone
and The Structure

1. Tropical cyclone teaches us that strong distortion causes a hole to neutralize itself.
2. This mechanism must be seen in tissue distortion caused in a human body, because both a tropical cyclone and tissue distortion resemble each other in disortion. These indications enable us to indicate that when an organ causes strong distortion, it will cause a hole where it causes a tumor.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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