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logo of cancer IV-(b). Theoretical Analysis of Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma
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(3) Amplification of Tissue Distortion
(Occurrence of Secondary Distortion)

When “Posterior Force” occurs between the stomach and the background field, it starts oppressing the stomach and amplifying initial distortion already caused in the stomach wall. The stomach always balances itself with the background field, so that when the background field of the stomach raises the momentum, it causes the imbalance in momentum with the stomach. Then, this stomach, in order to neutralize the imbalance in momentum with the background field, starts raising the momentum; that is, this stomach causes inflammation. In addition to this condition, also when this stomach has already caused tissue distortion: “Initial Distortion,” it amplifies the tissue distortion by increasing the momentum. This amplified initial distortion indicates secondary distortion. As seen in this process, when the stomach with tissue distortion is oppressed by “Posterior Force,” it stepwise amplifies the tissue distortion by raising the momentum. Fig. 25 illustrates in detail this stepwise change in tissue distortion.

Fig24. Amplification of Tissue Distortion (1)
This stomach is oppressed by "Posterior Force," and amplified the tissue distortion.

Fig25. Amplification of Tissue Distortion (2)
When this stomach amplifies the tissue distortion, it amplifies the tissue distortion step by step because of the fractal structure.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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