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logo of cancer IV-(b). Theoretical Analysis of Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma
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(6) Difference between A Solid Tumor and Scirrhus

In general, signet ring cell adenocarcinoma forms two types of tumors: a solid tumor and scirrhus. This fundamental cause can theoretically be considered to originate in the difference in the size of primary tissue distortion: initial distortion. When the stomach wall causes initial distortion in the partial wall, it will cause a solid tumor. In contrast, when the stomach wall causes initial distortion equally in the whole of the wall, it will cause scirrhus. In short, the difference in the field size of initial distortion plays a major role in dividing signet ring cell adenocarcinoma between a solid tumor and scirrhus.

This indication can also be applied to the epidemiologic survey of scirrhus. Medical science has pointed out that gastric scirrhus frequently occurs in a person whose age and gender are about thirty and female respectively. Why? The majority of persons (men and women) at about thirty years old must have already caused moderate initial distortion equally in the whole area of the stomach wall. In addition, women at about thirty years old can be considered to often cause congestion in sexual organs; this congestion can work as a posterior force for the stomach. This suggests that this posterior force, which is transmitted from sexual organs to the stomach, often amplifies the moderate initial distortion occurring in the stomach wall and then causes gastric scirrhus. That is, because women whose ages are about thirty years old have usually caused moderate initial distortion in the whole area of the stomach wall, they will often cause gastric scirrhus compared with a solid tumor.

Fig29. Difference between A Solid Tumor and Scirrhus

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