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(This page is extracted from my book: "Theoretical Analysis of Carcinogenesis.")

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What is disease?
I graduated from a school of medicine and became a medical doctor; however, I was unable to find these answers. This led me to wonder if modern medical science had the ability to analyze disease. After all, my questions about disease have only increased day by day.

Material civilization has provided various high-tech devices, which enable us to observe the microscopic mechanisms in a human body such as the structure of a gene and various metabolic reactions. Indeed, it looks as if material civilization also enables us to find the fundamental solution to disease. However, I am afraid that material civilization cannot bring such a fundamental solution to us.

Specifically, although high-tech devices seem to enable us to find out the fundamental cause of disease, they do not have such an ability. In resent years, medical researchers, by using high-tech devices, focus on analyzing a gene in order to find out the fundamental cause of disease. However, I think that they will be unable to find it out. Certainly, if an abnormal gene can always satisfy the necessary and sufficient condition for disease, medical researchers would be able to find out the fundamental cause of disease. However, an abnormal gene does not satisfy such a condition but only the sufficient condition for disease. Thus, even if medical researchers make a great effort to check an abnormal gene by using high-tech devices, they will be unable to find out the fundamental cause of disease. In short, whereas high-tech devices allow us to observe microscopic mechanisms in a human body, they cannot teach us how to check disease.

If so, what helps us to notice how to analyze disease? The key is just in our mind. Because disease gives us many hardships, we unconsciously regard disease as our enemy. Just such our thought makes us lose our ways to solve the fundamental mechanism of disease. Although disease looks as if it brings only demerits to our bodies, it brings not only demerits but also merits to our bodies. Thus, before examining disease by using high-tech machines, we have to raise and to solve a question why a human body requires disease.

All in all, the most important thing we have to do first is to recheck our mind. Our bodies are our friends, and all diseases occur in our bodies. If so, even disease can be considered our friends. Although we tend to regard disease as our enemy, we have to re-consider such a thought. If we can notice a new philosophy of treating diseases as our friend, we will be able to obtain a new solution to disease. Undoubtedly, this new philosophy will also bring great benefits to our life.

It has passed more than fifteen years since I started seeking the fundamental cause of disease. Working at hospital, I have always considered what disease is. Whenever I treat my patients, I have tried to hear what their bodies want to say, and watch carefully what their bodies want to show me. Interestingly, to my eyes, any disease occurring in a human body looks as if it only helps the body to live as long as possible.

About fifteen years ago, I was able to notice the fact: "Before a human body causes a disease, it usually loses the stability. In order to get back the stability, the human body requires a suitable disease." This was just the answer I had sought for a long time.

Since then, I had made a great effort to build a theory that can explain various diseases. First of all, I made many small concepts to support the theory. Then, considering how and why disease occurs, I bound these small concepts with a logical line. This work indeed compelled me to spend a very long time, about thirteen years. So it was the year before last when I had finished the work.

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Theoretical Analsysis of Carcinogenesis

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