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Inflammation and the relative movement among organs
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3. Inflammation and Relative Movement between Organs (Tissues)

Theoetical analysis of inflammation enables us to indicate the important point about the relationship among organs. A tissue always balances itself with the background field, so that it causes inflammation on the basis of the relationship with the background field. In other words, the relative movement among organs plays a major role in inflammation.

Importantly, besides inflammation, the relationship among organs plays a major role in other diseases. Why? This is because, as explained in the section of "Human Body," a human body is a relative system consisting of organs, each of which balances itself with other organs. In addition, by using this balance, a human body obtains the stability, and maintains the life. Thus, the relationship among organs plays a major role not only in maintaining the health but also in causing disease.

(a) Relationship between A Picture and The Frame
Interestingly enough, the relationship between a tissue and the background tissues can be compared with that between a picture and the frame. Even when we do not change a picture, we can change the image when we change the frame. Likewise, even when a tissue does not change the momentum, it shows strong change when the background tissues change their momenta simultaneously.

Picture and Frame

(b) Chronic Inflammation and Relationship among Organs
Indeed, the relationship among organs plays major role also in chronic inflammation. Almost all medical researchers and doctors think lightly of the relationship between a tissue and the background tissues. Thus, even when they can find out a tissue showing strong change, they tend to treat only the tissue even if the fundamental cause originates in the background tissues. As a result, they fail to treat the disease completely, then they will change it into chronic one. This theoretical process reveals that because medical science does not take notice of the relative movement among organ, it cannot teach medical doctors how to treat chronic disease. Do notice such a missing in order to completely control chronic disease.

"A tissue cannot live for itself; it lives by cooperating with other tissues." Even when we can analyze any accurate mechanisms seen in a tissue, we will be unable to find out important mechanisms about disease. A tissue maintains its function always by cooperating with other tissues. Thus, withtout paying attention not only to a tissue but also to the background tissues, we will never find out how a tissue causes chronic disease. Notice this fact, and make a solution to chronic disease as soon as possible.

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